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Corrugated Printing
Aug 31, 2018

Corrugated Offsctdruckereien, the past process is generally, first in the paper jam and so on Offsctdruckereien, and then with a single-sided corrugated lamination. 2000, due to the wide use of G-type corrugated, very thin G-type corrugated paper can be directly on the offset printing press. This direct offset printing process and printed on the paper and the single-sided corrugated laminating process can reduce the process, so theoretically in terms of delivery and cost advantages, but the greater advantage is the G-type corrugated can be directly offset, can reduce the amount of paper. The reduction in energy consumption in production becomes a reduction in cost and CO2 emissions, and the reduction in transport energy consumption is associated with reductions in transportation costs and reductions in CO2 emissions. For example, digital cameras and other products using air transport occasions more, assuming to transport to New York, packaging to reduce 10g, the air phase can reduce the CO2 emissions of 152.9g. Type G and other ultra-thin micro-corrugated packaging, high strength, thin thickness, small size, and beautifully printed. As a packaging corresponding to environmental coordination, the future will be more compelling