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Corrugated Composite Board
Aug 31, 2018

Corrugated cardboard is a new type of material that is emerging after the introduction of Honeycomb paperboard in the US and Europe, and is the latest generation of high-tech products with complete intellectual property rights in China from the whole automatic production line equipment to the finished product with a relatively low cost. Its products are light weight, high strength, non-deformation, good rigidity, strong cushioning performance, sound insulation, heat insulating effect, the appropriate treatment can be flame retardant, moisture, waterproof and the raw material requirements than honeycomb cardboard low, can be recycled waste paper, old corrugated box for the production of raw materials, so the source is wide and sufficient. After the use of finished products can be recycled, in line with the environmental requirements of recycling of resources, has a very broad application prospects. Corrugated composite board can be made of various precision instruments, electromechanical equipment, household appliances, ceramic products, packaging, gaskets, etc., can also be made into various specifications of pallets, cushion liner, air turnover box; In building materials, the use of corrugated composite panels can be made of light partition, noise board, temperature plate, Furniture and export disposable beach table can also be produced at present is the emergence of disposable cremation sanitary paper coffin, etc.