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corrugated conveyor belt kevlar edge

Double facer felt corrugated Double facer belt corrugated Fucheng high speed cotton belt Production line Corrugated paper board production line A complete corrugated paper board production line includes the following machines: mill roll stand, pre-heater, splicer, single facer, overhead bridge,...
Product Details:

Corrugated conveyor belt kevlar edge

Double facer felt corrugated

Fucheng high speed cotton felt

This model of belt especially for frequent change of boards with various width for all high speed corrugated production line such as Fuli,BHS, Fosber, West River, etc. 

The belt with an excellent water absorption. 

The water absorption of our belt improves 7.8% than other belts.The belt can absorb water from the paper board and release into air during process of running.


Benefits:(1) Increase the hardness of paper board and Eliminate blisters.

              (2) Increase the coefficient of friction,prevent from skidding with the rubber roller.So it        also can reduce wear of roller and increase its service length.

              (3) The water absorbing characteristics can help it increase the speed of gelatinization and Improve production efficiency. 

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