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  • Foshan Fuli Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Add:Xian liao development zone, xianliao village, leping town, sanshui district,foshan city, guangdong province,china
  • Tel:+86-757-87336526
  • Fax:+86-757-85110303
  • Mob:+8613763260555
  • E-mail:Christina.yuan.yuan@hotmail.com fuli@fuli.cc
  • Foshan FulI Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd (Originally named Foshan Nanhai Fuli Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd) was established in 1999. Fuli is a traditional & modern enterprise with traditional spirit ”Keep improving”& modern conception about management, design, manufacture and service. Our factory was relocated to a new modern plant in Foshan National High-tech Industrial Park in July 2014. Factory size is upgraded from 15,000㎡to53,000㎡. It witnessed the confidence and strength of Fuli in taking on a frontier in the industry. 


    By collaboration with the affiliates of the group, it helps for better quality control and to bring down cost effectively. Members in the group:

    Nanhai Dasong Corrugating Roll Co.,Ltd

    Nanhai Fucheng Industrial Belt Co.,Ltd

    Guangzhou Futuo Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Foshan Fengyuan Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Nanhai Pioneer Automation Co.,Ltd

    Nanhai Bowei Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Our main product is corrugated machineries and corrugated paper board production line.

    For all types of corrugated packaging solutions to a variety of industries. 

    Complete set up for corrugation machine manufacturing, including the latest CNC gantry machine center from Toshiba, Japan and Mitshibishi, Japan.


    Thanks to the self-devised full service system, quick responsive profession services, Fuli has earned extensive recognition among customers. Fuli Machinery is widely used in Chinese domestic market, as well as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Saudi Arabi, Dubai, Mexico, Argentina……


    Our top technical innovation team with their sharp senility to market demands a represents our irreplaceable core competitiveness. We offer corrugated cardboard production with beyond customer expectation design and the best performance price ratio.

    We've set up office in Shanghai, Henan, Shandong, Tianjin, Fujian, Chongqing, Guangdong and etc.